The first book that I have chosen is 'The Pioppi Diet' by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Donal O'Neill.pioppi

I have decided that this is an ideal first book for 2019, because although it has ‘diet’ in the title, it doesn’t necessarily represent an approach to eating that is in the classical form a ‘diet.’ The idea of diets and short terms changes in order to gain long term benefits, has always been one that doesn’t resonate particularly well with me.

The book is written by Dr Aseem Malhotra, who is a leading interventional cardiologist in the UK.  The book simplifies an approach to lifestyle, what we can do to reduce our risk of chronic disease, and the risk factors around this.

The Pioppi Diet has it’s basis in the Mediterranean approach with chapters on cholesterol, where the original Mediterranean diet started from, intermittent fasting, the debate around calories and snacking. There are also some lovely recipes at the back of the book, which are easy to follow and nutritious.  

This book is something that I recommend everybody reads and at this time of year, when we are trying to establish new patterns to help us become well and healthy, it is one of the books that can point us in the right direction without being overly dictatorial.

About the authors; Dr Aseem Malhotra is an interventional cardiologist and has become one of the most influential and well-known health campaigners in the UK. He writes regularly in academic medical journals and print newspapers such as the Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail and is regularly seen on broadcast media in his campaign against sugar and highlighting the harms of too much medicine.

Donal O'Neill an Irish born, independent documentary filmmaker. A former international track and field athlete, Donal's passion for health and human performance resonates throughout his films. In 2015 he joined forces with British Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra to make "The Big Fat Fix" (2016). World renowned Sports Scientist Prof Tim Noakes has hailed it as "the best health movie ever."

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