Welcome to the first instalment of my book club.

I'll regularly be choosing a book that I've really enjoyed or found useful.


I also think that these books can give a clearer perspective to wellness without having to trawl through opinion based social media posts.










A Poem For Every Night of the Year is a lovely collection of 366 poems compiled by Allie Esiri.

This is a great book to keep near your dining table, and share with your family at meal times. It’s worked well to let my children take turns reading the day’s poem. They often spark entertaining conversations, and bring a brightness to the current dark evenings.


The poems all have some kind of link to that day that they represent, often have a seasonal flavour and really vary from A.A. Milne, to Charles I. Allie Esiri gives a short few lines introduction to each poem which can help explain them to children. I really like how different cultures traditions’ and religions are included, as well as historical events.

The first book that I have chosen is 'The Pioppi Diet' by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Donal O'Neill.pioppi

I have decided that this is an ideal first book for 2019, because although it has ‘diet’ in the title, it doesn’t necessarily represent an approach to eating that is in the classical form a ‘diet.’ The idea of diets and short terms changes in order to gain long term benefits, has always been one that doesn’t resonate particularly well with me.

The book is written by Dr Aseem Malhotra, who is a leading interventional cardiologist in the UK.  The book simplifies an approach to lifestyle, what we can do to reduce our risk of chronic disease, and the risk factors around this.

The Pioppi Diet has it’s basis in the Mediterranean approach with chapters on cholesterol, where the original Mediterranean diet started from, intermittent fasting, the debate around calories and snacking. There are also some lovely recipes at the back of the book, which are easy to follow and nutritious.  

By Dr Rangan Chatterjee


The book that I have chosen this month is The Stress Solution by Dr Rangan Chatterjee.


In the lead up to Christmas many of us being to feel stressed and overwhelmed by all of the things that we need to get done, so I hope that this book will encourage you to take a little timeout for yourselves.


The book that I have chosen for this month is ‘Superfood for Superchildren’ by Professor Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot and Bridget Surtees.


I really like how this book provides practical choices for feeding our children healthily.  As we approach the summer holidays, and are thinking about the new academic year and how we can better feed out children at various stages in in life, this book comes in very handy.