Functional Medicine - What is it?


The Functional Medicine model is an evolution in the approach to medical practice and in the management of chronic disease.

Fundamentally, it is an approach which allows for individual evaluation, spending time to get to know the nuances of why and what is happening, treating each person as a unique entity and working alongside patients within their capabilities and requirements. The goal is to not to think of health as the absence of disease and to work with the healing ability of the biological systems we each own.

This scientific approach looks at the interplay of many lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress management, environment and genetics in order to tackle the ‘root cause’ of ill health. The fundamentals of good balance between different organ functions, the body as a whole and the environment we live in, is regarded as of paramount importance.

Individualising each case, allows for time to gather information, formulate a plan and work together. This ultimately leads to the empowerment for every person to find wellness, health and vitality that so often becomes elusive.

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Dr Asha Herbert