April 2018Magical Mushrooms


They are fungi that grow from spores and have been around for 1000’s of years.

They seem to sprout up overnight and give us some magic in our lives!


Why should we eat the humble mushroom?


They have so many properties that we can benefit from:

30 April 2018 National Gardening Day


Why should we get our hands dirty?


I am passionate about gardening and aim to get out in the garden as often as possible, and my goal is to grow as much fruit and vegetables as I possibly can to feed my family. We have our own chickens for eggs, we grow vegetables and have a large poly tunnel. We are lucky to have access to this, but gardening can be done on your balcony, or on your patio using small pots.


Getting soil on your hands can help to increase the good bacteria in your gut.

The more diverse your gut flora the healthier your gut.


Aging with Grace

August 2017


The premise of this book,  to me,  is to teach us how to not fear old age, how to embrace the time we have and how to optimize how we live, by using the knowledge gained and what we observe in others.  

I feel it was the ideal discovery to share as my first blog post as it reflects the philosophy I hope to bring to both my life and those I will have the privilege to work with.

March 2018 Nutrition & Hydration


I think that the majority of people in this country are overwhelmed with information about their diet – what’s good to eat, what’s bad? It’s easy to become confused.

Nutrition is a one component of our lifestyle that’s important for good health and wellbeing. I find the information out there very confusing and I try to look at my own nutrition in a very simplistic form otherwise I also become overwhelmed. It can be particularly confusing when I think about what food I should be giving my children and family as a whole.


To simplify things there are 4 rules I aim to follow, none of us are perfect but this helps to give me a rough guide;