Aging with Grace

August 2017


The premise of this book,  to me,  is to teach us how to not fear old age, how to embrace the time we have and how to optimize how we live, by using the knowledge gained and what we observe in others.  

I feel it was the ideal discovery to share as my first blog post as it reflects the philosophy I hope to bring to both my life and those I will have the privilege to work with.

This book gives a detailed look at research carried out by the author over a number of years into the lives of nuns living in the US. He amassed a huge amount of information, from their lives; as children, from autobiographies written before entering the nunnery, details from the nunnery and going forward results of detailed testing of brain function and he even persuaded them to allow him to study their brain tissue.

From the information he gained and has shared, a number of factors have been highlighted as likely to contribute to both longevity but cognitively functioning longevity. A goal I am sure we all hope to achieve.  He talks of education, exercise, nutrition, amongst other factors and their influence on a long, functioning life. It is scientific and detailed but also humane and heartfelt.

Something we should all read! The book is available via Amazon UK and Amazon USA.