16 May 2020


Over the last few weeks, whilst working in the local ED department and UCC, I have been reflecting on the clap for the NHS. 

As much as the weekly clap has shown how much the NHS is appreciated, it also seems to reflect a need that a lot of people have to be able to be proactive at a time when a lot of people feel impotent in their ability to ‘fight’ this infectious disease.


I would like to think that we can all do something to Help the NHS, and that can be something  that will benefit not only us as individuals, but society and ultimately the precious health service that has survived from its inception, free at the point of service.


If we can all consider something, we can change in the way we live, some of us may already have done this.

By improving our lifestyle, we will access healthcare less often, and have greater ability to combat disease.


My top tips are below -


Consider questioning the way you eat and what you drink:

Avoid processed food

Increase your consumption of colourful vegetables

Limit caffeine


Could you sleep better or for longer?

Switch off devices

Develop a sleep routine

Relax before bed


Could you move more?

Always remember movement is exercise.

Move more each day  - wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Have fun


How do you actively manage your stress?

Acknowledge you have stress

Communicate with others about how you feel

Learn some breathing exercises


How safe are you at work/leisure?

Wear your cycle helmet

Use the right shoes

Maintain and repair your equipment