14 June 2018 


Diabetes is becoming an increasing health problem within the UK population and it’s developing in younger and younger individuals, as a result mainly of the way we live our lives today.


Diabetes is a significant diagnosis for the people that get it, and can affect many systems within the body. This can result in blindness, cardiovascular disease and in some cases amputation, as a result of vascular problems.


My take on diabetes is that prevention and the correct advice being given is all important.


  • Risk - I think recognising if you have a high risk of developing diabetes is the first thing that you can do. So those people that have a family history of diabetes, a family history of high blood pressure, of cardio vascular disease, should potentially be looking at their lifestyle in relation to this.


  • Weight - Mostly people should be aiming to get their weight within the normal range and becoming metabolically healthy. That means thinking about where they get their energy from. A lot of people who have what we call ‘insulin resistance’ have difficulty or have overdone the breaking down of the carbohydrates, so their body is over-using insulin and this can then result in insulin resistance, which will eventually lead to diabetes.


The big take-home message therefore would be that by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet you can then reduce the amount of insulin you are using which then will not only reduce your risk of developing insulin-resistance but dramatically reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.


I also believe in, and have had success with, reversing diabetes with patients by looking at lifestyle factors, which include nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.


There are a number of resources that I utilise, a number of avenues that we can pursue and advice I am happy to give.


If you are concerned about your risk or want to know more please do not hesitate to contact me