Functional Medicine - Wellbeing, Vitality and Balance


Integrating my depth of knowledge in conventional medical practice along with consideration of nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors, I hope to develop a partnership with my clients to optimise their wellbeing, restore balance and allow regeneration.

I am passionate about individualised healthcare and use a functional medicine approach in my consultations. We will work in partnership to get to the root cause of many chronic conditions and use this knowledge to help improve, resolve and revitalize you. I will use my knowledge base in conventional practice and can organise testing and use medications if appropriate. I am also happy to work alongside your regular GP.

All family members are welcome. We can work together on both the psychological and physical chronic conditions, utilising a variety of integrated health practitioners as needed. Examples of conditions that respond well to a functional medicine approach include autoimmune conditions such as:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Gut disturbances
  • Chronic fatigue
  • ME
  • Diabetes
  • Weight management.


By spreading the word through community events and utilising cooking for health collaborations (news on both of these coming soon), I hope that this approach will become integrated within conventional healthcare.




“My consultation with Asha Herbert was incredibly helpful and instructive.
Her advice exceeded just my diet, and took an holistic approach to my problem.
I have made massive progress since her involvement.”
C.R. Northampton.

“I have been seeing Dr Herbert via skype sessions for over a year now and I don’t think I would have got to where I am today without her guidance. I went from being in bed most of the day with M.E to feeling pretty good and working part time. Dr Herbert really listened to what I was saying and was willing to look into what was causing me to feel so ill, which I think is what has made my health plan so effective. My functional medicine plan was very thorough and personalised to my own body’s needs – something that you wouldn’t get from your average doctor! My functional plan included lifestyle changes and some supplementation – Dr Herbert supported me through making these changes and was available to offer support or tweaks whenever I needed it. She really helped me to get my life back. If you are thinking of seeing a functional doctor then I would highly recommend seeing Dr Herbert.”

Dr Asha Herbert



I am passionate about individualised healthcare and use a functional medicine approach in my consultations.